1.91 lakh vacant posts in Telangana: Revanth Reddy

1.91 lakh jobs in Telangana according to Biswal committee Nurses met Revanth Reddy and submitted a memorandum

There are around 1.91 lakh vacant posts in the government sector according to the Biswal committee, said the TPCC chief Revanth Reddy on Saturday. He questioned as to why it is filling up only 50,000 posts when there are nearly two lakh vacant posts.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, Revanth asked the government to give a clarity on the filling up of posts in the corporations. “The nursing staff was praised as mothers for their love and patience for their services during the pandemic by the Chief Minister who now made them cry at the Pragati Bhavan,” Revanth said, adding that around 1,640 families lost their livelihood.

He demanded the government to take back the nurses into duties and provide jobs to the ANM candidates of 2018. He further threatened that government of protests if the demands were not fulfilled. The nurses met Revanth Reddy and submitted a memorandum seeking help. Revanth also assured to extend all help and fight for them until the government provide jobs to the nurses.

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