3468 prisoners of Tihar Jail who were released on parole not returned.

Last year, when the Corona epidemic began to spread, Tihar Jail released a large number of prisoners to prevent infection among the prisoners, but half of them have not returned.

Last year, 6740 prisoners have been released from Tihar Jail, now 3468 of them have not returned to the jail. The jail administration has now sought help from the police.
Most of the prisoners who are reported missing are suffering from serious diseases like HIV, cancer, kidney problem, hepatitis B and C, asthma and TB. These patients were released due to threats from Covid. Tihar Jail is one of the largest Jail in Asia with a capacity to hold 10,026 prisoners.

According to sources, 1184 convicts were released from three jails of Delhi, Tihar, Mandoli and Rohini. First these prisoners were released for 8 weeks which was later extended from time to time. He was finally supposed to return to prison between 7 February and 6 March but 112 out of 1184 are missing. When contacted by the jail authorities, they were told that they were not at home.

During this period, 5556 undertrials were released from jail, out of which only 2,200 prisoners have returned.

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