Aamir Khan’s Firecrackers Advertisement Draws Karnataka BJP MP’s Ire; Says Hindu Sentiments Hurt

BJP MP also asked CEAT to address the 'problem of blocking roads in the name of Namaz and noise emitted from mosques during Azan'.

Days after FabIndia received major backlash over an ad campaign that used an Urdu phrase to describe Diwali, BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde has raised an objection against an ad by tyres major CEAT Ltd, stating that it hurts ‘Hindu sentiments’.

Hegde applauded the ad for raising awareness against bursting crackers, and sought the company to also address the “problem blocking roads in the name of Namaz and noise emitted from mosques during Azan.” The advertisement featured Bollywood actor Aamir Khan.

According to a report by the Hindustan Times, the MP also wrote a letter to the company’s MD and CEO Anant Vardhan Goenka, requesting him to take cognisance of the recent advertisement claiming that it created unrest among the Hindus, and expressed hope that in future the organisation will respect the “Hindu sentiment”.

“Your company’s recent advertisement in which Aamir Khan advises people not to firecrackers on the streets is giving a very good message. Your concern to public issues needs applause. In this regard, I request you to address one more problem faced by people on roads, i.e., blocking roads in the name of Namaz on Fridays and other important festive days by Muslims,” Hegde wrote in the letter dated October 14.

Reportedly, the MP from Uttara Kannada also stated that during Namaz the roads are blocked, vehicles like ambulances and firefighter vehicles are stuck in traffic causing inconvenience to the general public. The ‘loud noise’ of prayers arranged on the top of mosques in our country during Azan is “beyond the permissible limits”, he added.

“On Fridays, it is prolonged for some more time. It is causing great inconvenience to people suffering from different ailments and taking rest, people working in different establishments and teachers teaching in classrooms,” he said.

“I am sure you can feel the discrimination done to the Hindus since centuries,” Hedge wrote. He further stated that some “anti-Hindu actors” always try to hurt Hindu sentiments.

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