Abducted Journalist Found Dead in Bihar, Body Burned & Thrown on Roadside

Just two days before he was kidnapped, Avinash Jha had outed information about fake nursing homes.

Last spotted on Tuesday night, 9 November, journalist and RTI activist Avinash Jha was found dead on Friday, 12 November, when his body, burnt, and thrown on a roadside, was identified near a village in Bihar’s Madhubani district.

Buddhinath Jha, alias Avinash Jha, was abducted from close to his residence in Lohia Chowk in Benipatti, just a few hundred metres away from the Benipatti police station. He was last seen in a CCTV footage around 10 pm.

The 22-year-old was the youngest of the three brothers, and his eldest brother, Chandrashekhar Jha has lodged an FIR over the death.

Busted Fake Nursing Homes, Received Threats

Jha was a journalist associated with a local news portal, and just two days before his kidnapping, he had outed information about fake nursing homes through a Facebook post.

The Quint

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