After Black and White Fungus, Yellow Fungus is the new threat to India.

The second wave of Corona virus has created a furore in the country. After this virus threat, the country is now facing the threat of black fungus.

Black fungus cases are increasing rapidly in many cities across the country. At the same time, cases of white fungus also started coming up in Bihar after the black fungus. People were understanding about these two fungus now the another fungus have knocked the door. A new case of yellow fungus has emerged in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi.

After the black fungus, white fungus, now yellow fungus has knocking door in the country. The first case of yellow snag in humans has come to the fore. The first case of Yellow Fungus has been found in Ghaziabad, which has increased the concern of doctors. This virus can be fatal for the patient. This fungus has been found in a person living in Sanjay Nagar of Ghaziabad. After the endoscopy, doctors told that the person is suffering from yellow fungus.

According to doctors, till now this fungus used to be in the repeats, but for the first time this fungus has been seen in humans. According to doctors, this fungus is Mucus Septicus, which creates wounds in the body. These wounds take time to heal and can sometimes cause septicemia. This fungus is so dangerous that at times it can damage many parts of the human body.

Talking about the symptoms, it is a common symptom in the yellow fungus to have a nasal congestion, slow numbness of body parts, body ache, weakness. In addition, the heart rate of the patients increases. The pus starts flowing from the wounds in the body and the body starts to become weak.

According to doctors, this fungal is found on moist soil. Whose immunity is weak, this fungus engulfs it. According to doctors, by keeping cleanliness around the house and maintaining personal hygiene, it can be avoided. Particular attention should be paid to their hygiene, especially to those patients who have just recovered from the corona. Bad and stale food should be avoided. People are being motivated to eat pure and clean food. It is advisable to stay away from moist places. Immediately contact the doctor if you notice any symptoms.

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