Air India Passengers data leaked .

The case of data leaks of the government airlines company Air India has come to light. According to the company, the incident is of leak of the data of 4.5 million passengers.

Personal information of customers has also been leaked in the data leak. According to the reports, the data center was attacked by cyber security and under this data has been stolen. The attack took place in February this year. Air India has given this information on its website.
The company said that personal information of the passengers has been stolen in this cyber security attack. It has stolen data of about 4.5 million passengers. These include travelers from home and abroad. Air India has said in a message sent to its affected customers that a cyber attack has taken place on its SITA Pss server, in which the personal information of the customers is stored and processed.
Air India has said about the incident, “We got the first information about this from our data processor on February 25 this year. We want to make it clear that the data affected by our data processor about this. The information was given only on 25-03-2021 and 5-04-2021. The airlines companies on which this cyber attack has taken place include Malaysia Airlines, Finnair, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific.

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