BJP reacts to allegations of ‘vaccine profiteering’ by Punjab govt

Pointing out that the Centre has so far given a total of 22 crore vaccines to the states free-of-cost, the Union Minister said: "They should pay attention to their management so that people of Punjab get relief. This is the demand and expectation of the people today.”

The BJP Friday alleged that its government in Punjab was profiteering by selling Covid-19 vaccines to the public at a premium. Slamming the Amarinder Singh government over its vaccination programme, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar took a swipe at the Congress for the “internal fight” in the Punjab unit and wondered whether the party was committed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

Referring to media reports that claimed the Punjab government has allegedly sold some vaccines out of those procured under the state quota to private hospitals at a higher rate, Javadekar accused the Amarinder Singh dispensation of “making a profit” from vaccination. “It’s dangerous news. They (Punjab government) got over 1.40 lakh doses of Covaxin at Rs 400 each. They gave some of the vaccines to 20 private hospitals at Rs 1000 each. The state government wants to make a profit from the vaccination…What kind of government is it,” Javadekar asked.

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