‘Broken Bones Better…’: Gurgaon Woman Jumps Out of Auto, Narrates Kidnap Bid by Driver on Twitter

The woman alleged that the autorickshaw driver deliberately took a wrong turn towards an unfamiliar road and continued on it despite her protests.

In a Twitter thread, a woman from Gurugram has narrated her ordeal of jumping out of an autorickshaw after the driver deliberately took a wrong turn towards an unfamiliar route and continued on it despite her protests. The woman, who describes herself as a communications specialist in her Twitter bio, has alleged that the driver attempted to abduct her.

She alleged that the autorickshaw driver did not respond when she objected to him taking a wrong turn. Instead, she said, he started “taking God’s name at reasonably high pitch”. The woman, identified as Nishtha, said she even hit the man eight to 10 times but he continued to ignore her. She further said she decided to jump out of the vehicle to escape and had to take an e-rickshaw to reach home.

The incident took place on December 19 in broad daylight at Gurugram’s Sector 22, which is seven minutes away from her residence. Nishtha said the area was a busy market and she took an autorickshaw from the stand to get to her house.

“Yesterday was one of the scariest days of my life as I think I was almost abducted/ kidnapped. I don’t know what it was, it’s still giving me chills. Arnd 12:30 pm, I took an auto from the auto stand of a busy market Sec 22 (Gurgaon) for my home which is like 7 mins away,” Nishtha tweeted.

She said, “I told auto driver that I will do Paytm as I don’t have cash and looking at his setup which looked like he drives for Uber, I thought he will be pretty much okay with that. He agreed and I sat in the auto. He was listening to devotional music at a reasonable volume.”

“We arrived at a T point from where one has to take right for the sector I live in. But he took left. I asked him are you taking left. He didn’t listen, instead he started shouting God’s name (I don’t want to specify the religion here as this is not related to any religion),” she tweeted.

“I shouted literally – ‘bhaiya, mera sector right me tha aap left me kyu leke ja rahe ho.’ He didn’t respond and kept taking God’s name at reasonably high pitch. I hit him 8-10 times on his left shoulder but nothing. The only thought that came to my mind – jump out,” she said. “Speed was 35-40 and before he speeds up, jumping out was the only option. I thought broken bones are better than getting lost. And I jumped out of the moving auto! I don’t know how I got that courage,” she tweeted.

She, however, said she could not note down the registration number of vehicle. “I am now regretting a lot that why I didn’t note down his auto number when I jumped out. But frankly, when such incident happens, I think you are in a different zone altogether,” she tweeted.

According to a report published by NDTV, Jitender Yadav, a police officer from Gurugram’s Palam Vihar, has said they will trace the autorickshaw driver through CCTV footage.

Giving an update about the incident on Tuesday, Nishtha tweeted, “Quick update: Visited Palam Vihar police station. SHO Shri Jitender Yadav himself assured that we will trace the person. Really good response from his team. Hoping we come to the conclusion soon. Thanks @gurgaonpolice @mlkhattar @DC_Gurugram”

She also cautioned fellow commuters to be cautious. “Writing this post for everyone out there. So that we all are aware and cautious, and it doesn’t happen with anyone else. At least, we don’t have to jump out of moving vehicles risking our lives. Hoping for a safe future.

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