Charitable trust launches ‘Free Chai Counter’ in Hyderabad

If you are passing by KBR Park, LV Prasad or Basavatarakam junctions, do vist the ‘Free Chai Counter’ launched by Dr Rabinder Nath Foundation

Hyderabad: Treat a Hyderabadi to a good cup of coffee and you’ll probably receive a heartfelt thank you. But give him his cup of chai, and you’ve earned a friend for life.

Hyderabad has recently got its first ‘Free Chai Counter’ where you can relish a hot cup of tea and savour some biscuits too. If you are passing by KBR Park, LV Prasad or Basavatarakam junctions, don’t miss out on enjoying a ‘kadak chai’ and a biscuit for free at the ‘Free Chai Counter’ launched by Dr Rabinder Nath Foundation.

Talking about Rabinder Nath Foundation, Abhishek Nath, founder of Loo Café, and Managing Director and CEO of Ixora Corporate Services, shared that he started the foundation in the name of his dad, Dr Rabinder Nath, a renowned dental surgeon in Telangana.

The foundation’s charity work is focused on sanitation and the well-being of sanitation workers. “During Covid times, we supplied a large number of PPE kits across the entire board of sanitation,” said Nath. On why he got the idea to start this Free Chai Counter, Nath said: “The thought originated from why not make something that is absolutely free all 365 days and then work on a model that can be scaled up. We realised that one of our most basic essentials is chai. And that’s how we came up with this idea.”

Explaining the logic behind choosing the particular to start the counter, Nath said, “We wanted to do something more sustainable in this area as we’ve noticed a lot of crowds sitting on the streets and strolling around the Basavaratakam Cancer Hospital. We also realised that there are no decent chai places around. So, we selected this location.”

People coming to the hospital as patients or attenders can forget their pain for a while, have a refreshing chai, use the well-maintained free, separate washrooms for men and women if needed, and relax in the small garden behind the chai counter, he added. The chai is made with good quality milk and tea powder and is brought here in a can, heated and served. On average, there’s a footfall of about 500-600 people every day. “We have plans to launch free water services, besides more chai counters across the city,” concluded Nath.

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