China has approved its one-dose Corona vaccine Ad5-nCoV.

According to a report, China has given permission to apply the Ad5-nCoV vaccine with conditions.

Apart from China, the US has also recently approved a dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The first phase clinical trial of China’s vaccine began on March 16,last year. This vaccine has received approval on Friday.
So far five vaccines have been approved to be installed in China. However, Ad5-nCoV is the first vaccine to work in a single dose, which has been approved. The report says that the vaccine has been very effective in trials. Till now, the vaccines which are being given worldwide, usually have to be given two doses.

The United States government has also allowed Johnson & Johnson’s single dose Corona virus vaccine for emergency use on Sunday and Saturday. The Food and Drug Administration of America has announced that the vaccine can be administered to people 18 years of age or older. Johnson & Johnson says that the vaccine was seen to be 66% effective in a global trial of 44,000 people. This vaccine was 100 percent effective in protecting the patient from hospitalization or death.

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