Chinese Government fined $2.78 Billion to Jack Ma’s Company Ali Baba .

The once famous Chinese industrialist Jack Ma once questioned the business system of China.

Freedom of speech is available only in democratic countries, and Jack Ma of China made a mistake in understanding this and this time his company Alibaba has been fined $ 2.78 billion.
The eyes of the Communist government of China have been on Jack Ma for a long time. Last year, Jack Ma was in exile for nearly 6 months and was believed to be under house arrest by the Chinese government and a $ 2.78 billion fine was imposed on China’s leading industrialist Jack Ma by the Chinese government. According to the report, the Chinese government has taken this action against Jack Ma’s company Alibaba in a monopoly case. Apart from this, Jack Ma’s company Alibaba has dozens of products. China’s State Administration for Market Regulation has said on Saturday that Alibaba is being fined for ‘misusing its monopoly’ and curtailing their trade in online retailing.

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