Clash between farmers and BJP workers in Muzaffarnagar

In UP's Muzaffarnagar district, farmers and BJP workers clashed on Monday. There was fierce fighting between farmers and BJP workers.

Many farmers have suffered injuries in this fight. The case is reported in Shahpur police station area,Soram village. RLD leader Jayant Chaudhary has tweeted in relation to this incident. Jayant Chaudhary has also shared photos of the injured farmers. While sharing the photo of the incident, Jayant Chaudhary tweeted and wrote – “Conflict between BJP leaders and farmers in Soram village, many people injured! If there is no talk in favour of the farmer, at least, keep good behavior. Respect the farmer. Will the villagers tolerate the hooliganism of government representatives who are going to show the benefits of these laws?”

Many farmers have been injured in this fight. On receipt of the incident, the police, who arrived on the information, understood and calmed both sides. The police is investigating the matter. Explain that BJP leaders and ministers are constantly trying to convince the farmers about the new agricultural laws. However BJP leaders are facing heavy opposition during this period. Union Minister Sanjiv Balyan, who arrived to explain the benefits of new agricultural laws, had faced heavy opposition in Shamli on Sunday.

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