CM KCR Responsible For Mallareddy’s Suicide

Sharmila's party spokesperson Indira Shobhan made allegations against the TRS government

Sharmila’s party spokesperson Indira Shobhan made allegations against the TRS government. She said, Mallanna Sagar resident Mallareddy was killed by the government. Indira said Mallareddy committed suicide in his house which was demolished by the government due to non-receipt of the R&R package. It is learned that Tutukuri Mallareddy, an old man from Vemulaghat, Thoguta Mandal, Siddipet district, committed suicide by pouring kerosene on his body.
Indira Shobhan said that the house was in the name of his wife. Mallareddy killed himself when the authorities refused to give the house after her recent death. Indira said that the government is responsible for his death as it is their responsibility for allocating the house to the husband if the wife has died. According to the Land Acquisition Act of 2013, the government should provide all facilities to those who are leaving their hometowns. Indira Shobhan demanded that CM KCR and Minister Harish Rao should be held responsible for this.

Indira told the Mallanna Sagar settlers that her party leader Sharmila would stand by them and fight for justice on their behalf. On the other hand, Dubbaka MLA Raghunandan Rao was arrested by the police. Opposition parties have strongly criticized the government for killing Mallareddy, the victim of the Mallanna Sagar floods. BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao, who came to know about the incident, went to visit the family members of the deceased. He was stopped by the police and arrested at Tukkapur. Raghunandan Rao was later shifted to Begumpet police station in the Raipol zone.


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