Comedian Sugandha Mishra tied knot with Sanket Bhosle.

Comedian Sugandha Mishra of The Kapil Sharma Show took a break with her lover Sanket Bhosle and performed the marriage rituals.

Sugandhi and Sanket tied the knot in Jalandhar on 26th April. Though Sugandha Mishra has not shared any pictures of her wedding, her friends have shared beautiful pictures of the newly married couple on social media.

Due to Corona epidemic, only very close people attended the wedding of Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle. In a photo posted on her Instagram stories, Preity Simos tagged the couple and congratulated them for their wedding. She also added the sticker ‘Just Married’ to the photo. In the picture, Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle are seen sitting on a couch, posing for a picture with a guest. Sugandha looks very beautiful in the wedding couple.

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