Congress MP Shashi Tharoor pulls an auto rickshaw by rope in protest against high fuel prices.

Assembly elections are due soon in the state of Kerala. Due to this, other veteran Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi are still standing in Kerala and apart from the farmers movement, they are attacking the Center fiercely on the sky rocketing price of petrol and diesel in India.

On Friday, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor pulls the auto tied with a rope in protest against the increased prices of petrol and diesel near secretariat at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He was accompanied by several leaders of the Kerala Congress party. Along with Shashi Tharoor, Congress leaders also dragged the auto on the road.

On Thursday, in West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee staged a protest in Kolkata on the scooter to over the increased prices of petrol and diesel. During this time, she lost her balance from the scooty at one place. The video has gone viral on social media. At the same time, Shashi Tharoor has demonstrated about the rising prices of petrol and diesel by dragging the auto rickshaw by the rope. Shashi Tharoor was wearing a kurta pajama at the rally and was seen wearing a mask on his face the whole time.

On Friday, Akhilesh had attacked the Modi government over the increase in petrol and diesel prices and said that it has increased the problems of the common man. The price of LPG cylinder has also troubled people. Akhilesh said in a tweet, ‘Petrol reached hundred and cylinder thousand, even then the government says’ all is Gulzar, there was a lot of inflation, this time BJP is out.

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