Covid testing kits for home to available in markets from today.

The real-time Covid-19 testing kit of pharma company Cipla will be available in the market from today .

Cipla named this RT-PCR test kit as ‘Viragen’. Pharmaceutical company Cipla launched it on 20th May 2021 last week. Cipla has said that this real-time corona virus (COVID-19) testing kit will be on the market from Tuesday. Cipla has manufactured this testing kit ‘VeeraGen’ in partnership with Eubio Biotechnology Systems. According to news agency PTI, Cipla said after the launch, “This testing kit will help in tackling the challenges related to testing services and capacities in the country. It will also expand the company in the diagnostic space.”

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved the use of Cipla’s real time COVID-19 testing that ‘Viragen’. It uses multiplex PCR technology.

According to Biospectrum magazine’s website, “It helps detect SARS CoV-2 N genes and ORF lab genes with a sensitivity of 98.6% and specificity of 98.8% compared to standard clearance testing.

According to Cipla, “This testing kit is designed for the qualitative detection of nucleic acids from SARS-CoV-2 in upper and lower respiratory samples of individuals suspected of Covid-19.”
While appreciating his company’s contribution in the fight against Covid-19, Cipla CEO Umang Vohra said that this firm’s partnership with UBAYO Biotechnology Systems will help them reach more people. He said, “Cipla is working tirelessly in this fight against Covid-19. Inspired by our original objective of ‘caring for life’, this partnership will enable us to reach more and more people across the country at such critical times as this.”

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