Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal lashes out BJP at Kisan Mahapanchayat at Meerut .

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed a Kisan Mahapanchayat organized in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

Kejriwal said, “the BJP government at the Center is doing atrocities on farmers. Lathi is being rained on farmers, nils are being slapped. The BJP has left the British behind. The BJP is doing more atrocities on the farmers than the British government did not commit. “

Arvind Kejriwal said, “today the farmer of his country is in a lot of pain, for 95 days the farmer brothers have been sitting on the border of Delhi in the bitter cold. More than 250 farmers have been martyred, but lice is not crawling on the government. In the last 70 years, the farmers of this country have seen only cheating.”

The CM of Delhi also said , ” these three laws of the Center are the death warrants of the farmers, after the implementation of these three laws, the farmers want to hand over the remaining crooked farming to the hands of three or four big capitalist colleagues. Everyone’s farming will go away.”

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