Delhi government to introduce ‘Anti body titer ‘ test at vaccination center

The Delhi government is preparing to increase the vaccination center from this week to speed up the ongoing vaccination campaign against the corona virus.

Apart from this, the government is going to introduce ‘antibody titer’ test at some selected centers. Actually, this test will be done before and after the beneficiaries take the vaccine at some selected vaccination centers. The effects of the vaccine will be detected through this test. Apart from this, the hesitation in the minds of people about the vaccine will also be removed.

The antibody titer test will detect the presence and level of antibodies in the blood. Also will help in measuring a person’s antibody system. However, this test will not be made mandatory for people.

At present, the vaccine has been started at three hospitals of Delhi government, Delhi State Cancer Institute, Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital (RGSSH) and Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya Vaccination Center.

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