‘Destroy wine bottles, children’s books’: Taliban capture Norwegian Embassy in Kabul

After announcing the interim government, the Taliban captured the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul and ordered to destroy children's books and wine bottles, reports said.

The Taliban have captured the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul on Wednesday and the first thing they said is that wine bottles and children’s books inside the embassy have to be destroyed. Diplomats have already vacated the embassy soon after the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15. Both Norway and Denmark announced that they would close their embassies in Kabul.

“Taliban has now taken over the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul. Say they will return it to us later. But first wine bottles are to be smashed and childrens’ books destroyed. Guns apparently less dangerous,” Norwegian ambassador to Iran, Sigvald Hague, said in a tweet.

The Taliban have announced their interim government in Afghanistan headed by the Taliban’s supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada. The governance will be under Sharia law, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol, the Taliban leadership has mandated

The Taliban, known for their oppressive diktats and conservative vulture, have already banned music, participation of women in sports. University classes are being held with a separating screen between men and women. The Taliban cabinet has also banned protests without prior permission from the competent authorities.

Without departing from what they are known for, the Taliban have already unleashed their oppressive self even in the capital, which is on the radar of the international community, as the Taliban detained many journalists in Kabul and beat them up for covering women’s protest.

Hindustan Times

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