Doctors found Covid positive after taking vaccine in Hyderabad

In the Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences and Chest Hospital, doctors found Covid positive after taking dose of Covid vaccine.

Two doctors here have been found infected with Covid 19 even after taking their first dose of vaccine in Hyderabad. A senior doctor says that Covid-19 virus is in hospital wards,Doctors are dealing with serious cases and are likely to have Covid 19. The doctors were following personal safety kits and safety protocols during their stay in the hospital.

Dr. Srinivasa Rao, senior resident of NIMS, states that, “Vaccination is not the cause of the disease. Doctors may be Covid positive because they are with patients.”

Both doctors are under surveillance and their symptoms are being closely monitored. In the private sector, the two doctors appeared to be corona positive after 24 and 48 hours of taking their first dose of Corona vaccine . According to sources, all of them are now stable.

Senior infection specialist Dr. Mustafa Afzal states that, “Vaccination is not the cause of the disease because antibodies in the first dose are expected to trigger the immune system. The antibody will form after the second dose and will take two months. Therefore the infection occurs in contact with people who are carriers of the virus.

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