‘Double Mutant Variant’ of Corona Virus is the new concern for India .

New cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly in the country, the new variant of Covid is also spreading its wings.

The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday has reported on a new ‘Double Mutant Variant’ of Corona has reached 18 states in the country. The Ministry of Health has expressed concern over the availability of people infected with the double mutant variant of the corona virus in 18 states. It has been said by the ministry that this new mutation of corona virus has been found in about 15 to 20 percent of the samples. In such a situation, people should be careful and follow all guidelines while avoiding any negligence.

The Health Ministry has reported that 771 new variants have been detected in a total of 10,787 positive samples from all the states and union territories of the country. Of these, 736 positive samples have been found from UK, 24 have variants from South Africa, while one sample has been found to have Brazilian variants. New variants have been found in 123 out of 2032 samples taken from Kerala. These variants have been found so far in more than 14 countries including UK, Singapore, Japan.

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