ECI asked Ministry of Health Affairs to remove PM Modi’s photo from Corona Vaccine Certificate.

The matter of printing the photo of PM Modi on the Corona Virus Vaccine Certificate is hot.

Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry has decided that the photo of PM Modi will not be on the vaccine certificate in the electoral states and union territories. The Health Ministry has taken this decision on the instructions of the Election Commission of India. The Trinamool Congress had complained to the Election Commission in this regard. The TMC had alleged a violation of the code of conduct.

Since then, the Health Ministry has decided that PM Modi’s photo will not be visible in the certificate being distributed after the vaccine is installed in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Assam. In a complaint to the Election Commission, the TMC also accused PM Modi of taking away the credit of the frontline workers and misusing their power.

TMC MP Derek O’Brien wrote to the ECI, “by putting his picture, name and message on the certificate issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, he is not only exploiting his position and powers, but also stealing commendable credit from the producers of Covid-19 vaccines.” Acting on this complaint, on 6th March, the commission was asked to remove the photo of PM Modi from the center on vaccine certificates.

Significantly, the corona vaccination has started from January 16 across the country. A total of more than 2.56 crore people have been vaccinated so far, on Wednesday, more than 13 lakh people have been vaccinated with the Corona vaccine across the country. After PM Modi’s vaccination, vaccination campaign in the country has increased rapidly in recent times.

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