Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji apologized and deleted a poster after allegations of stealing the poster.

Allegations of piracy in the film industry are not new. From content to tunes, posters to a lot of things, such allegations are made in Bollywood at some or the other.

Now producer Ekta Kapoor has also been surrounded by one such controversy, after which his production house Alt Balaji has shared an apology.
Ekta Kapoor’s production house Alt Balaji has shared an apology on its Twitter handle, in which it has apologized to the makers of the web series by deleting the poster. Alt Balaji said in its statement on April 9, “we released a poster of ‘His Story’ and then we came to know about Sudhanshu’s ‘Loew’ poster. Such an analogy cannot be merely a coincidence. This was the work of our design team. We apologize for this.”
Recently Ekta Kapoor’s production house Alt Balaji released a poster of the web series ‘His Story’, after which filmmaker maker Sudhanshu Sariya on Twitter accused Alt Balaji of stealing the poster of his film. Sudhanshu Sariya had claimed that the poster of his 2015 film ‘Loew’ was stolen and made an exact poster of ‘His Story’. In his tweet, Sudhanshu said that why is this industry like this? The poster created by our hard work has been taken by Alt Balaji’s engineers for his film.

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