Election commission of India announced election dates for 4 States and a Union territory.

On Friday,during a press conference, Election commision of India announced the dates for assembly elections of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry.

Polling will be held in West Bengal in 8 phases, while in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry it will be settled in a single phase. After this, the results will be out on 2nd May. The Election Commission made it clear that conducting assembly elections in four states and one union territory is a big challenge,due to this special preparations have been made. At the same time, the election commission is also taking full precautions of the corona epidemic. A separate guideline has been prepared for this.


Just as the Election Commission had previously increased the voting time by one hour in Bihar, an hour would be extended in four states and one union territory.

Vivek Dubey is being sent to West Bengal, Deepak Mishra to Kerala, Dharmendra Kumar to Tamil Nadu as Special Police Observer.

Employees and officials deployed in the election will be given the corona virus vaccine .

There will be a roadshow based on the rules. No more than 5 people will be able to promote door to door.

Political parties will give information about the criminal record of the candidates in local newspapers, channels and websites, so that the public can get to know about them.

Wheel chairs will be arranged for the disabled at the polling booth.

Water, toilets and waiting rooms will also be arranged.

The process of submitting nomination and security money will be online.

Like Bihar this time too, separate voting arrangements will be made for corona infected patients.

1950 will be a toll free helpline number. Apart from this, voter list and voter ID will be available online.

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