Etela Rajender’s wife makes sensational remarks, says either of them would contest in Huzurabad by-election

BJP leader Etela Rajender's wife Eatela Jamuna has made sensational remarks over the Huzurabad by-elections on Sunday, says she would contest in Huzurabad by- election.

The former minister and BJP leader Etela Rajender’s wife Etela Jamuna has made sensational remarks over the Huzurabad by-elections on Sunday. She said she would contest in by-election. It is learned that the campaign has been going on for a few days that Etela Rajender will stay away from the elections. She also recalled that she had led her husband Etela Rajender in the Telangana movement.
Jamuna further said she had campaigned for every election and made it clear that either of them would contest in the Huzurabad by-election if given chance. However, with the latest comments made by Jamuna, it has become interesting how the political scenario would turn.
Etela Rajender’s wife Jamuna campaigned in several wards in Huzurabad and explained the development works done and requested for vote going house-to-house. On this occasion, a man named Srinivas expressed displeasure over Jamuna while she went to a house in Mamindlavada and requesting vote. He alleged that Eatela Rajender had ignored the promise of financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh and a job to his family member over the death of his son.

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