Farmers to begin online protest due to rise in the Covid Cases.

The farmer movement in the midst of the Corona crisis is now being considered to be virtualized.

In fact, farmer leaders are considering the idea that the number of farmers at picketing sites should be limited and that most farmers should be given a Protest From Home, farmers can protest themselves online from home. This will also save the farmers from the crisis of Corona, so by continuing the online protests, the Central Government can also be pressured to withdraw the disputed agricultural laws.

According to media reports, the peasant leaders do not want their movement to be weakened at any cost. This is the reason why farmer leaders are now adopting the idea of ​​’Protest from Home’ and ‘Online Protest’. All the leaders of the United Kisan Morcha are about to hold a meeting on the Singhu border. In this meeting, the nature of the movement will be discussed. Only after this meeting can the strategy of advancing the movement be revealed.

According to the information, after the farmers meeting the online farmers protest to begin from May 20. The most likely thing is that farmers will now use the hybrid model to further the movement. This means that demonstrations will be continued by limiting the number of farmers at picket sites. In addition, physical protection should be continued in the states where the corona condition is under control, but where the infection situation is serious, the emphasis may be on adopting the online medium.

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