Fed up with rising fuel prices, Hyderabad techie turns his cycle electric

Hyderabad: Fed up with the rising fuel prices, a techie from Hyderabad has come up with an idea to save money he spends on commuting.

Aseem Abdul, who had to spend over Rs 150 every day for travelling to and from work, converted his old bicycle into an electric bike.

The resident of Vengal Rao Nagar at Ameerpet says that his e-bike can cover a distance of 40 kilometres with the charged batteries.

He bought two volt batteries, 250 watt Brushless DC Electric Motor (BLDC) motor, accelerator, headlights, horn, and spare parts for Rs 6,500. Unwilling to spend a fortune, Aseem purchased a pre-owned battery which is mounted on the back of the e-bike.

“If the batteries run out of charge, I can simply ride it the same way I would a traditional bicycle. It takes one unit of electricity per day to charge two batteries. My daily expenditure of nearly Rs 150 on fuel has come down to Rs 5 per day,” the youngster says, adding that he is willing to guide people who want to convert their old bicycle into an e-bike.

You can contact Aseem on +90 95731 87195.

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