Film Maker Ram Gopal Varma Made termed Kumb Mela as ‘Atom Bomb’.

Corona has once again reached its peak in states across the country.

Night curfew has been imposed in other states including Maharashtra, but amidst this epidemic, crowds of millions gathered at Haridwar Kumbh Mela are being questioned. In the media, the pictures of the Ganges River Ghat in Haridwar Kumbh have come out, it is clearly visible that all the rules of social distancing have been dismantled. After describing this crowd as “Atom Bomb”, Bollywood filmmaker-director Ram Gopal Varma has once again made sharp comments about the Kumbh Mela.
Ram Gopal Varma has also expressed his strong displeasure in this regard by sharing the news published in the media and the photo of Kumbh Mela. Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma described the crowd gathered at the Kumbh Mela to be held in Haridwar as an atom bomb. In his subsequent tweet, Ram Gopal said that if according to the government, only 26 people have turned positive in the 31 lakh congregation, then there is no problem, let’s all party.

According to this, Ram Gopal Varma has shared a news link after this tweet, according to him, the second ‘Shahi Snan’ was held in Haridwar on Monday, in which a total of 31 lakh devotees took a holy bath in the river Ganges at Har Ki Pauri. The monks of various akharas made their way, marching barefoot to the Ganges Ghat and took a holy bath. During the Royal bath in the river Ganges, the pilgrims were showered with flower petals from helicopters. The corona test report of only 26 people came out positive in 9,678 corona test conducted in the fair area on Monday. To which Ramgopal Varma has given his strong response.

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