There was a stir in the political corridors of West Bengal on Friday, when Forest Minister Rajib Banerjee suddenly resigned from his post.

After the exit of the Raj Bhavan, the media asked him the reason for his resignation, tears came from his eyes. According to Rajib, he wanted to resign from Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet in 2018, as the responsibility of the irrigation department was taken away without talking to him.

However, he later changed his mind on the persuasion of some people.

Rajib Banerjee said with moist eyes that I never thought that one day I will have to take this decision.

Mamta Banerjee removed me from the irrigation department without consulting him.

The Chief Minister has every right to reshuffle his cabinet, but I expected a minimal courtesy from her. At least I should have informed before taking the decision.

I was separated from the department to which I gave my best services for a long time.

Recalling the sentence of 2018, Banerjee said that I was in North Bengal to monitor the flood situation.

Later, I returned to my party office and sat with the activists and watched TV, where I came to know that the irrigation department had been taken away from me. During that period, I was very hurt and decided to resign from the post of minister.

At the same time, I also informed the Chief Minister that as an activist I will continue to work for the party, but Mamata Banerjee asked him to take charge of the Forest Department.

During this time many occasions came that he had problems in following orders.

Rajib Banerjee also made it clear that he did not resign from the membership of the Legislative Assembly and the primary membership of TMC.

She will not forget the opportunities that Mamata Banerjee has given him. On Banerjee’s resignation, TMC General Secretary Partha Chatterjee said that TMC is like an ocean, extracting some mugs of water does not affect it.

Leaders will come and go, but we have the blessings of the people, which will not go anywhere.

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