Free toll for the vehicle if the queue exists over 100 metres at a toll plaza.

If you drive on the highway, then you must know about the new rule of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Yes, NHAI has issued new guidelines for toll plazas. Accordingly, the toll plaza must now ensure that the drivers on the toll do not have to wait for more than 10 seconds, even if it is the busiest time. NHAI has taken this decision regarding the smooth movement of traffic and traffic on tolls.

The NHAI has also directed that the line of vehicles should not be longer than 100 meters. The special thing is that if there is a queue of vehicles longer than 100 meters at the toll plaza, then the vehicles will have to pass the toll plaza without paying the toll tax. Each toll plaza will have a yellow strip to show a distance of 100 meters. NHAI had implemented fast tag regarding the jam at toll plazas. Now during the peak time, these guidelines have been issued keeping in mind the movement of vehicles.

According to NHAI, 96 percent payment is being made on the toll plaza through fast tag. In view of toll collection through electronic medium, emphasis will be laid on construction of toll plazas in the next 10 years. NHAI has also said that due to the fast rise of fast tags, social distancing is also being followed easily.

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