Government slashes the price of life saving Remedisvir injection by 50 percent.

Taking a major decision on Saturday, the central government has drastically reduced the prices of Remedisvir injection, the most effective drug in the treatment of Corona.

The government has taken this decision in the context of ongoing efforts to increase the availability and potency of Remedisvir injection. After the government’s intervention, the major manufacturers, marketers of Remedisvir injection, voluntarily lowered the maximum retail price (MRP).

the government has slashed the prices of the ‘life-saver’ Remdesivir injection by nearly 50 per cent, to MRP Rs 2,450 per injection now, according to official sources.

In a missive late on Friday, the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilisers, Department of Pharmaceuticals, NPPA – Advisor (Costs) N.I. Chowdhury has ordered all pharma companies to comply with the revised norms with immediate and retrospective effect.

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