HCA chief Azhar delegates power to Apex Council nominated members

The latest developments has created furore in Hyderabad Cricket circles

Hyderabad: A day after the Apex Council members were denied entry into the Gymkhana ground, President Mohammed Azharuddin took another drastic step that has created a furore in Hyderabad Cricket Association circles. Incidentally, it is a signed letter dated July 4.

With Ombudsman Justice (retd) Deepak Verma passing an order disqualifying John Manoj (vice president), R Vijayanand (secretary), Naresh Sharma (joint secretary), treasurer Surender Agarwal and treasurer Surender Agarwal, the Apex Council was left with a lone member in Azharuddin in the body.

It led to speculation that how can Azharuddin handle the affairs of the association single-handedly.

But in a swift action, Azharuddin delegated to powers to a few nominated members for the ‘continuity of the administration’.

The letter said: “Due to the temporary vacancy created by the disqualification of the Apex Council members, and to ensure continuity of the administration, I, Mohd Azharuddin, President, HCA, in exercise of powers vested in me under Rule 7 (1) (d), I hereby assign additional charge to the following members of the Apex Council. Accordingly, the two nominated from players council Parth Satwalkar, will hold additional charge of Councillor while Subhadra Suri will hold additional charge of vice president and joint secretary”.

Santosh Darware (CAG nominated) will hold additional charge of treasurer while Azharuddin will himself hold the charge of secretary also.

Reacting strongly to the letter, Manoj said it was a big joke. “Azhar talks about all rules and regulation and this letter has clearly exposed his limitations as administrator. He is going against the Lodha Committee reforms on one man one post and it is clearly conflict of interest. It is a big joke. We are going to court to seek justice”, he said.

Former secretary S Venkateswaran felt there was no provision in the HCA constitution to give additional charges to nominated members and giving these powers to nominated members is wrong. “These five Apex Council members have temporarily disqualified and how there can be replacements till the issue is solved”.

Venkateswaran said as per powers and duties of office bearers in 7(1) (d) of the constitution: “The President, in the event of vacancy or indisposition of an office bearer,delegate the functions to another Office bearers until the vacancy is duly filled up, or the indisposition ceases.”

Venkateswaran felt that Azharuddin is sadly going in the wrong direction.

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