HCA saga: John Manoj made ‘interim president’

Azharuddin reiterates that he is heading the HCA and the five Apex Council members continued to be suspended from their posts

Hyderabad: “Kissa kursi ka” was a fictional comedy years ago. But what is happening in the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) today is a real saga that takes different shades every other day.

In the latest episode, Apex Council has enthroned John Manoj, the vice president, as interim president of the association. This comes after the Apex Council had ‘suspended’ president Mohammed Azharuddin.

Reacting to the latest developments, Azharuddin strongly reiterated that he is still heading the HCA and the five Apex Council members continued to be suspended from their posts.

Azharuddin, in a message to Apex Council members and club secretaries, said it was unfortunate to see a meeting invite for a meeting titled ‘Emergent Apex Council’, called by John Manoj who has assumed the title ‘interim president’. “John Manoj & all concerned on notice that these meetings are illegal and in violation of the HCA rules & regulations-2018 that govern the functioning of the Apex Council. You are requested to desist from performing any actions that are in violation of the HCA rules & regulations-2018,” he said.

However, Manoj said it is the Apex Council decision to make him the interim president. “An association can’t run on one person. We have gone according to the bylaws of the HCA constitution. It is the Apex Council which can suspend an office-bearer but not by an individual. Any complaints or appointments have to be routed through Apex Council. We are following the HCA constitution,” he said.

Meanwhile, ‘CEO’ Suneel Kante said he was in as CEO after the job was offered by the HCA even though Azharuddin has not recognized his role in that position. “Based on the employment I was offered by HCA and I took this job,” he said.

Kante said he will interact with all Apex Council members. “I’m accountable to the Apex Council. I deal with all the office-bearers. If the vice-president is the interim president, then I will interact with him.”

The new ‘CEO’ said he had a couple of interactions with the BCCI. “The secretary (R Vijayanand) has been attending the meetings and all the communications is done by me.”

Asked whether he was comfortable in the present volatile situation in the association, Kante said: “If I wouldn’t I would not be here.”


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