Hyderabad-based software engineer who was arrested by Pakistan, repatriated to India.

Prashanth Vaindam was arrested along with Durmi Lal, a farmer from MP, for allegedly entering Pakistan illegally on November 14, 2019.

Prashanth was arrested along with Durmi Lal, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh, at the Cholistan desert area of Pakistan’s Punjab province. However, he was reported missing from Hyderabad in April 2017. The news of Prashanth’s repatriation comes as a major relief for his family, who have not seen him for over four years.

At the time of his arrest by Pakistani police, the issue created a sensation as a section of the Pakistan media speculated that Prashanth might be a spy. However, his family had earlier told TNM that his going missing might have had something to do with a failed relationship.

When he went missing, Prashanth was working at a software company in Madhapur. Before this, he worked at a company in Bengaluru, where he reportedly was in a relationship with a colleague from Rajasthan. However, when this did not work out, he moved in with his brother’s family in 2013. Prashanth’s family suspected that Prashanth going missing had something to do with his being depressed about the break-up.

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