Hyderabad BJP MLA Raja Singh demands gun license after alleged threat calls

In a letter to the Director General of Police, he said the threat calls were being made from different states in India.

BJP Telangana lawmaker T. Raja Singh has demanded for a gun license after he received calls from unknown numbers threatening to kill him and his family members. Raja Singh on Wednesday lodged a police complaint regarding the phone calls received. The MLA from Hyderabad’s Goshamahal constituency alleged that the threat call he received mentioned that this was his last warning.

In a letter to the Director General of Police, he said the calls were being made from different states in India. He said even after complaining many times in the past, he did not get any response from intelligence department, and hoped that this time the phone numbers will be traced by it.

In the complaint, The MLA provided six mobile numbers saying he received threatening calls from the numbers provided. Raja Singh said a statement that though he made many representations to the DGP in the past about threatening calls, not a single person was arrested.

The controversial BJP leader also demanded a gun license. Raja Singh claimed that the Chief Minister had stated that he should get a gun license and alleged that police were ignoring even the Chief Minister’s word. He said police were refusing him gun license citing case pending against him, but claimed that many politicians in Telangana who have criminal cases against them were given the license.

In August last year, the BJP MLA was alerted about a threat to his life by the Hyderabad police. The MLA was advised against venturing out on motorcycles. He was also advised to use the bullet-proof vehicle allocated to him for his safety. The weapons that the MLA’s gunmen carried were also replaced and those living near his house were profiled by the Hyderabad police.

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