Hyderabad : Looting of private educational institutions in the name of online classes.

Guardians is worried about the collection of huge fees even before the announcement of the new academic year.


Andhra corporate education institutes in the United States of AP have siphoned off hundreds of thousands of crores of rupees by introducing hefty fees.

It was a pity that despite the formation of the state of Telangana, the educational institutions of Telangana, along with the Andhra educational institutions, were now turning education into a business and not missing any opportunity for looting.

The government has closed educational institutions due to the Corona epidemic. But educational institutions have started looting in the name of online classes. The thing is that the holidays are still going on. The new academic year has not even started. despite the Board of Intermediate’s ban on fee collection, Private corporate educational institutions have started admissions at the start of the new academic year and are receiving heavy fees.

Opposition parties in the state have been protesting for a year. There are private corporate education in the name of online education Institutions are charging lakhs of rupees. Disciplinary action should be taken.

The morale of corporate private educational institutions has been raised due to the neglegence of the government. They are receiving huge fees.

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