Hyderabad: Woman stages rape drama in revenge bid

Woman stages drama to get his boyfriend arrested in rape case The woman, a resident of Fisal Banda is working as a lab technician in Santosh Nagar

Getting into details, the woman, a resident of Phisal Banda is working as a lab technician in Santosh Nagar. On August 17, the woman came an hour late and was questioned by her parents. She alleged that she was raped by an auto-rickshaw driver following which the parents rushed to police station and lodged a complaint.
The police who formed into teams examined the footage from Yadagiri theatre to Pahadishareef and found no clue. They said that there was no similarity between the woman’s complaint and the scene of offence. They also verified the mobile tower signals from Santosh Nagar to Mailardevpally and Pahadishareef and questioned the auto-rickshaw drivers. However, the police failed to obtain any hint. Finally, the police confronted the girl who admitted to staging drama to get his boyfriend arrested for scheduling his marriage with another woman. Medical examinations also revealed that no sexual assault was made on the woman. The police are yet to register the case.

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