ICMR approved home-based test kit for the test of Covid-19.

Amidst the corona epidemic, people in the country are facing difficulties for getting corona test done.

In view of these problems, ICMR has taken a big decision. ICMR has approved a home-based test kit for the test of Covid-19. It is a home rapid antigen testing (RAT) kit. This kit is only for testing of simpatemic patients. Apart from this, people coming in contact with the person who has been declared corona infected from the lab can also use this kit.
The advisory issued by ICMR states that, use this kit only for those who have symptoms of corona or they have come in contact with someone whose corona report has come positive. The positives found in this test should be considered as infected. They do not need to undergo a test again.

The ICMR stated that RT-PCR testing of all the simulative people found negative in the RAT kit must be done. This is necessary because there is a possibility of not catching some positive test in the RAT when the viral load is low. Apart from this, it has been suggested that if anyone has symptoms of corona but has come negative even after testing with this test kit, then he must have RT-PCR test.

This kit made by Mylab Discovery Solutions Ltd is named CoviSelfTM (PathoCatch) COVID-19 OTC Antigen LF. This test kit will not be immediately available in the market and will take some time to become widely available. The company also released a video about the use of the Kit.

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