India gets help from friendly countries to tackle Covid Crises.

India is going through a very difficult phase in the war against the Corona virus. Covid's new records are being made every day, putting us in the first place in the list of most new infected in the world.

There are no beds and oxygen for patients in hospitals, while doctors do not have medicines assist patients. In this period of pandemic, all claims about India’s health system have been exposed.
India has now got the support of its foreign friends to save the dying lives in front of this deadly virus from China. Many countries including Pakistan and China have offered to help India to deal with the second wave of Corona virus. While many countries have put forth their hands for help. The United States has already given a major relief to India by removing the ban on the raw material used in the production of the Covishield vaccine, in the meantime, many medical kits and essential goods from abroad are also reaching India.

The UK, France, the US, Saudi Arabia and Dubai are some of the countries that have united with India in this difficult time. Britain is also one of the countries to help India, which announced that it will send 495 oxygen containers, 120 ventilators and 20 manual ventilators to India this week. Out of these 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen containers have already reached India on 27th April 2021.

France, on the other hand, said it would send assistance in two phases. In the first phase of this week, it will ship 8 large oxygen-producing sources, liquid oxygen 28 respirators and their kits, as well as 200 electric syringe pushers. Five liquid oxygen containers from France will reach India in the next phase. The world has told that India is not alone in this fight with Corona, many countries are standing with it.

Ireland is also included in this list, which will send 700 oxygen containers this week. While Germany will send a mobile oxygen production plant, 120 ventilators, more than 80 million KN95 masks. In addition, Germany will also hold a webinar on the RNA of testing and corona viruses. Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) is also importing 23 mobile oxygen production plants from Germany.

Saudi Arabia, one of the Muslim countries of India, has started sending help by sea route. In the past, oxygen containers have landed on the Indian coast, besides Saudi Arabia will send 80 metric tons of liquid oxygen. Hong Kong has assured India of help with 800 oxygen containers. Thailand will ship four cryogenic oxygen tanks and the UAE has assured six cryogenic oxygen containers.

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