India recorded 1,15,736 new cases of Covid 19 in last 24 hours .

The corona virus epidemic has started taking terrible form in the country now. Corona virus cases once again crossed the 1 lakh mark on Wednesday.

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry on Wednesday said that 1,15,736 new cases of corona virus have been reported in different states of the country in the last one day. During this time, 59,856 patients of Corona have been cured, while 630 people have lost their lives.
According to the Health Ministry, due to continuous increase in daily cases, the active cases of corona virus in the country have increased to 8,43,473. At the same time, corona virus has also killed 1,66,177 people. Seeing the new threat of Corona, the Ministry of Health has appealed to the people to compulsorily follow the rules of social distancing and masks in crowded places. Along with this, the Ministry of Health has released the Corona Virus RT from all the states. So far, 8,70,77,474 people have been vaccinated with the Corona virus vaccine as part of the ongoing vaccination campaign in the country.

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