India to Manufacture MILAN 2T Missiles .

India's border dispute with China has been going on for the last 10 months.

Due to which many times war-like conditions were created on LAC. Apart from this, Pakistan also lives in the direction of carrying out nefarious antics in Jammu and Kashmir. India is constantly strengthening its defense preparedness due to being surrounded by two big enemies. At the same time, it is an attempt to make the country completely self-sufficient in the defense sector. Under this, on Friday, the Ministry of Defense made a big deal, under which a large number of army will get anti-tank guided missiles. According to the ministry, this is a big opportunity to show our potential in the defense industry. Apart from this, it will be a major step towards the goal of self-reliant India.

On Friday, Ministry of Defence signed an agreement with Bharat Dynamic Limited (BDL). According to an official statement released by the Ministry, under this, the Indian Army will get 4960 MILAN-2T anti-guided missiles. This agreement is worth a total of Rs 1188 crore. The license to manufacture the Milan-2T has been obtained from the French defense firm, the new missiles will be fully manufactured in India. Defense experts consider this deal very important for the army

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