Indian Government approved the trial of 5G in the Country.

The early 21st century saw a tremendous communication revolution in India.

Initially people got 2G and 3G services, but around 2015 Jio brought a new revolution, where 4G service came in the hands of the people. In addition, unlimited data plans brought the communication revolution to a new stage. In view of the increasing demand for internet, many companies want to start 5G service in India, whose trial has been approved by the Government of India.
According to information provided by the Ministry of Communications, the Department of Telecom has approved the 5G trial. After which companies offering telecom service will start trials in different parts of the country. The trial will be conducted in rural, semi-urban areas of India, as a large part of the population lives there. On the other hand, the question remains in the minds of people that when will this service start in India? Some reports have claimed that Jio may launch it in the second half of this year, though everything will depend on the trial itself.

Bharti Airtel earlier this year announced a 5G network in Hyderabad. In which NSA (non stand alone) network technology was used in the 1800 MHz band of Liberalized spectrum. During the trial, it was found that the speed of 5G was 10 times higher than 4G, where the download speed went up to 310 MB per second, while the upload speed was close to 65 MBPS. According to experts, the speed of 5G is set to get more than 100 MB, but with the help of special equipment, it can be reached up to 1000 MBPS.

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