Islam came to India with invaders : RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

every Indian is Hindu for us”, Mohan Bhagwat said at a seminar hosted by the Global Strategic Policy Foundation in Pune.

New Delhi: “In India, Hindus and Muslims share shared origins. “The word Hindu is identical for us with the rich history brought to us by our country, forefathers, and culture, and in this sense, every Indian is Hindu for us”, Mohan Bhagwat said at a seminar hosted by the Global Strategic Policy Foundation in Pune.

“Those who seek to destroy the nation try to claim we are not one, we are separate”, Bhagwat said, elaborating on the right-wing group’s beliefs. “It’s also important not to fall prey to it. We are one country. As a country, we shall remain together. This is what we at RSS believe, and I’m here to tell you.”

He went on to say that “sane” Muslim leaders should stand hard against radicals, emphasising that Muslims in India need not be afraid because Hindus have no enmity towards anyone.

“Islam came to India with invaders . This is history, and it deserves to be told as such. Fundamentalists and hardliners should be opposed by sane Muslim leaders, who should speak out against them. The sooner we start, the less harm we will do to our society”, he said.

India would be a superpower, or “vishwaguru” according to the RSS chief since Indians have always strived for the well-being of all.

During the conference titled, “Nation First, Nation Supreme”, he stated that everybody should work together for India’s prosperity.

“We pledge that there will be no disregard for other faiths by our culture, which respects all varied ideas; but, we must ensure that we think about India’s domination rather than the dominance of a particular faith, such as Islam. Coming together is unavoidable for a thriving India, for the motherland’s prosperity,” he stated.

Other notable speakers present at the event were Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan and Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (retd), Chancellor, Central University of Kashmir.

According to Arif Mohammad Khan, diverse cultures leads to more prosperous society, and “Indian culture considers everyone equal”.

Pakistan has been encouraging terrorism in India, according to Sayyad Ata Hasnain, since its defeat in the 1971 war. The efforts are likely to be rekindled after a brief pause. He stated that it is the responsibility of India’s Muslim intellectuals to oppose Pakistan’s attempts.

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