K. Chandrashekhar Rao warns Centre on paddy procurement and promises to lead the nation’s fight against BJP

The Chief Minister of Telangana challenges the BJP to arrest him or initiate any enquiry.

Replacing the pink scarf with the green scarf and reminding the agitation days, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao sat on a dharna for the first time after he came to power seeking a ‘straight answer’ from the Centre on whether it would buy the paddy or not.

The dharna chowk at Indira Park saw the presence of the Chief Minister for the first time in the last seven years as he roared from the platform literally warning the BJP government at the Centre not to play with the future of the farmers.

“I am requesting the Centre with folded hands to be crystal clear on whether it plans to procure entire paddy in the next season or not,” he said and warned that if they continue to force farmers to go for paddy cultivation with false assurances the left over paddy would be thrown in front of the BJP offices. “You cannot derive political mileage putting farmers future in distress,” he warned.

BJP brutally suppressing farmers’ agitation

Accusing the BJP government of brutally and violently suppressing the farmers agitation against the three farm laws, he said if there was a need the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) will take the leadership role in sustaining the fight. “We will oppose the farm laws till the last drop of our blood,” he said reminding that once the TRS took up any issue it would take it to the logical end. “I am in touch with various people to lead the fight against this government.”

Mr. Chandrashekhar Rao warned that he cannot be bullied with the warnings of arrests or enquiries and challenged the BJP to conduct any enquiry against him if the party has guts. “KCR doesn’t fear anyone,” he said and accused the BJP of indulging in character assassination of its political rivals through the social media. “All you know is communalising the society for political benefit and rake up the issue of Pakistan politics during the elections.”

Shameful place in Global Hunger Index

Arguing that the BJP and other parties have failed the nation, he said it was shameful that India figured at the 101st place in the Global Hunger Index survey much below Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. There is no vision for these leaders to utilise the available water to cultivate 40 lakh acres of cultivable land in the country. “With the available water resources and wonderful scientists we can cultivate gold,” he said equating the precious metal with crops.

He said Telangana was a great example of how a vision could change the lives of people and reminded that the new State provided sufficient water and free quality power instilling confidence among farmers of a bright future. While the State achieved record agriculture output it was the responsibility of the Centre to procure every grain through the Food Corporation of India (FCI) that has the mechanism to procure and facilities to store the produce, he said.

The Chief Minister also requested the farmers to think realistically and not fall in the trap of the BJP leaders. “You will have to suffer if you cultivate paddy heeding to their provocation. The State government is advising you to go for alternative crops in the Yasangi season in your own interests,” he said.

Later, he led a delegation of the government to the Governor, Tamilisai Soundarajan and submitted a memorandum to her seeking clarity from the Centre or paddy procurement. Agriculture Minister, S. Niranjan Reddy; Municipal Minister, K.T. Rama Rao; Panchayat Raj Minister, Errabelli Dayakar Rao and all other Cabinet colleagues of KCR were present apart from party MPs, MLAs and MLCs.

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