Kothagudem man walks to Mumbai to meet actor Sonu Sood

Padidala Sambaiah of Sambaiahgudem embarked on his long journey on July 16 with one sole desire to meet the actor, who became a household name during the pandemic.

Kothagudem: In a display of exceptional devotion, utmost respect and untiring effort, a labourer in the district has walked to Mumbai to meet actor and philanthropist, Sonu Sood, whom he admires. The man, Padidala Sambaiah of Sambaiahgudem near Manugur embarked on his long journey on July 16 with one sole desire to meet the actor, who became a household name and a support system for countless families during the Covid pandemic.

And his tiresome journey covering a distance of around 1050 kilometres concluded on August 1, on which he fulfilled his desire and met Sood at his residence in Mumbai and returned back to his place on Wednesday.

“It was like a dream come true for me when I saw Sonu Sood and talked with him. Despite all the hardships in my life I wished to see him at least once as he is like a god to me”, averred Sambaiah, an agriculture labourer and earns a meager income to sustain his life.

Explaining what made him take up such an arduous task he told Telangana Today on Thursday that he is very much impressed with the help extended by the actor to migrant labourers, left abandoned in Mumbai and other places during the lockdown, to reach their homes. Narrating the happenings on the day Sambaiah reached the actor’s house he said the security men told him that the actor was at a film shooting and will be back in a week. “On hearing that I wept and explained to them I will wait till he returns but will not go back without seeing the actor”.

Then the security personnel made some phone calls and told me that the actor will come to meet me in a couple of hours and he returned in just one and half hours. As soon as I saw Sonu Sood I touched his feet and took his blessings and he received me very well, Sambaiah said. “Sonu Sood took me into his house, offered lunch and fruits, enquired why I took up such a long journey and reason for my admiration for him. I told him that he is a godly figure to me and I have great devotion to him for what he has done to the needy during Covid crisis”, he said.

“The actor also asked me whether I need any help from him and I told him that I am a poor man and in need of a house. The actor promised to extend all possible help and gave me his phone number”, Sambaiah stated.

Giving details of how his journey went on, he said for the first two days he walked day and night as he was full of excitement to meet Sonu Sood. As I walked through towns and villages people who admire the actor offered me food and water and I stayed at temples in the night, he said.

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