Kumbh Mela to end on 17th April.

Corona cases are increasing steadily. Meanwhile, the atom bomb of the Kumbh Mela infection held in Haridwar remains. Everyday saints and devotees are reported to be infected.

After the ever increasing issue and country wide criticism, the discussion of the early termination of the event has gained momentum. On Thursday, Niranjani Akhara has announced the end of Kumbh. Announcing the end of Kumbh, Mahant Ravindra Puri, Secretary of Niranjani Akhara, said that in view of the ever-increasing transition of Corona, the eyes have decided that the Kumbh Mela event will be terminated on 17th April.

During this, he also appealed to other akharas to finish the event. He said that seeing the way the corona is becoming uncontrollable, it will be in the interest of the people to end the fair.

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