Many Vaccination Centers closed in Odisha over shortage of Covid Vaccine in the state.

The Government of Odisha has once again requested the Union Health Ministry to supply adequate quantity of vaccine as the state has been in rapid decline for the past one week.

NIL is the stock, only 1,74,004 doses of Covishield and 2,49,196 doses of Covaxin in the state are available in cold chain points, Covishield’s balance stock will only last one more day.
Vaccination has been badly affected on Friday as only 700 out of 1479 vaccination centers are open. Vaccination could not take place due to lack of corona vaccine in Koraput district.
Health officials said that Odisha needs a higher dose of Covishield as the vaccine has been approved for the entire state while Covaxin is allowed only for Bhubaneswar. Citing the acute shortage and intermittent supply of Covid vaccines in the state, Health and Family Welfare Minister Naba Kishore Das asked Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan to allocate 25 lakh doses of Covishield in a single lot for the next 10 days. Out of 50,79,650 doses of vaccines, 45,42,870 doses of Covishield and 5,36,780 doses of Covaxin were received, with the state giving 48,10,780 doses.

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