Ministry of Home Affairs extended Covid 19 guidelines till 31st March.

The country is seeing an increase in Corona cases once again. In view of the ever increasing corona cases, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued new guidelines.

On Friday, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued orders to extend the guidelines against the current corona virus till 31st March. The Ministry of Home Affairs has also ordered the states and union territories to increase the speed of vaccination.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered enhancement of the guidelines already implemented regarding monitoring, containment and caution. These guidelines will now continue till 31st March. The government has said that we need to monitor and maintain containment amidst falling cases. On behalf of the Ministry it has been said that the containment zone will continue to be demarcated with caution. Containment measures in these zones have to be strictly followed.

The Ministry said that, the rules are being strictly enforced. The government said that guidelines issued on 27th January 2021 should be taken care of. States and Union Territories have also been advised to expedite vaccination of target populations so as to break the chain of transmission and prevent epidemics. The Union Health Secretary today held a high-level meeting with members of the Co-Win App and national expert groups of the Covid Vaccine Administration and the State Health Secretaries.

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