Missing Mehul Choksi found at Dominica.

Mehul Choksi, a diamond trader who escaped from the country after cheating Punjab National Bank for Rs 13,500 crore, has been caught in Dominica.

Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Brownlee said that his country would not accept such fugitive business, so he should be sent to India. In this way, his lawyer Vijay Aggarwal is seeing something wrong when he sees Choksi coming in the hand of Indian agencies. Aggarwal said, “I do not understand that Choksi would not have reached Dominica on his own free will. There is definitely something wrong with this whole matter. He is not paying any attention to how the last Mehul Choksi reached Dominica.”

Choksi escaped from India to escape arrest in January 2018 and was taking citizenship in Antibua and Barbuda, a Caribbean island nation. After reports surfaced that the Indian government had started exploring options to bring back Choksi, lawyer Aggarwal said that he is no longer an Indian citizen and thus “there is no question of sending him to India”. In a special conversation with India Today, Aggarwal said that as per Section 9 of the Indian Citizenship Act, the moment Mehul Choksi acquired Antigua citizenship, he was no longer a citizen of India. So legally, according to Sections 17 and 23 of the Immigration and Passport Act, he can only be sent to Antigua.

He said that apart from this there is an order of the Antiguan High Court prohibiting the processing of any request from India. So my understanding is that he only has to be sent back to Antigua and there is no question of him being sent to India. “Agarwal further said that Choksi himself should explain how he got to Dominica from where he received an Interpol notice by Antigua and Barbuda was arrested after. He said that there should be no speculation on this matter. Aggarwal said that everything should be done in a legitimate way. It is not a game of chess. It is a matter of a human being, pawns I do not want to do it from here to there.

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