Muslim youth lynched on suspicion of theft in Bihar’s Araria

The incident took place when a group of villagers caught the victim named Ismail Khan, accusing him of theft. They tied Ismyle to an electric pole and beat him to death

Patna: A young man in the Araria district of Bihar was brutally beaten and killed by villagers on Monday morning.

District police arrested two alleged attackers. The deceased father leveled allegations against 18 people about this brutal act.

The incident occurred in the village of Chakai at the Jokihat police station when a group of villagers arrested a victim named Ismail Khan from the neighboring village of Tapura for theft. They tied Ismail to a utility pole and beat him to death.

Ismail’s father, Soyab Khan, claimed that his son went to Chakai village to buy milk.

“There is a Lane (Gari) dispute with a man named Domar Yadav. They leveled false allegations against my son. They gave my son a pre-planned way for revenge on the lane dispute. I killed him, “Khan said.

Pushkar Kumar, a DSP for Araria Sadar, said: The deceased was killed by a violent mob in the village. “

Ismail has a criminal history and has served a sentence in the past. On Monday, he fled after a theft bid at one Domar Yadaf’s house. The local villagers found him and managed to overwhelm him, “said DSP.

Muslim youth lynched on suspicion of theft in Bihar’s Araria
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